Freelance Translation & Interpreting

Business Translation during 4 ½ years employment at French steel subsidiary in NYC (automotive parts supplier to major U.S. auto manufacturers).

French into English and English into French:

Automotive contracts [Read excerpt]
Sales strategies reports
Marketing reports
Product quality reports [Read excerpt]
Engineering specifications
Promotional company videos

Recent Translation Projects include: (see samples)

  • Industrial Battery Testing Instructions & Electrical Specifications
    (French into English)
  • Clinical Studies for New Drugs & Medical Equipment (French into English)
  • Maritime Law Statutes (Italian into English)
  • X-Ray Lab Reports, Clinical Analyses, Blood Tests (Italian into English)
  • Human Resources Guidelines & Company Policies Manual
    (Italian into English)
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Marketing Research Materials
    (English into French)
  • 25 page Stock Shares Purchase Agreement (French into English)
  • Bank Financing Agreement (Italian into English)
  • Global Translation Company’s Marketing Brochure (Italian into English)
  • Reports in Financial & Legal News Publications (Italian into English)
  • 100 page+ computer screen technical manual for industrial manufacturing company in Milwaukee (English into French)
  • Technical brochures/instruction guides for industries throughout Canada (English into French)
  • Legal documents/reports (French into English)
  • 60 page commercial real estate contract (French into English)
  • Pharmaceutical Patent Application (French into English)
  • Environmental Study of Gas Pipeline/Marine Terminal Construction Project (Italian into English)

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Other freelance business translation experience
in NYC includes:

  • TV commercials (French/Italian into English)
  • legal documents (French/Italian into English)
  • pharmaceutical reports (French into English)
  • company financial reports (French/Italian into English)
  • telecommunications industry updates (English into French/Italian)

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