Freelance Voiceovers & Script Translation
for Commercials/TV/Radio

Patrice Van Hyle has a very versatile speaking/singing range and can mimic numerous sounds and emotions. Her pleasant voice at times rings with intonations not usually heard in ordinary conversations and by making use of this talent, Patrice possesses the capacity to single her voice out above others and to help persuasively sell a client's product/idea to the public. With near-native pronunciation in each of her working languages - French/Italian/Spanish/Japanese, she can do voiceovers into or from her native English with extreme accuracy and skill. Patrice is willing to do voiceovers in a variety of capacities in both the corporate and artistic worlds, notably for TV and radio commercials, publicity spots, program announcements and company promotional videos. She is gifted in improvisational dialogue, creative scenario writing and can tap dance, read music and play flute.


Voiceover Coaching & Script Translation Workshop with Maya León Meis, President of Voice Productions International - Phoenix, AZ (2003).

"Nagasaki Martyrs" Musical Drama - Wrote script and performed voiceover for multilingual production (English/Japanese/Spanish) in Tokyo, Japan (1997).

“We are Guatemalans” - Performed voiceover role for Consuelo in documentary video, a Maryknoll World Production (1995).

Collier Casting Centers, New York City - Completed intensive course in acting/voiceovers for TV/radio commercials (1991).


Voiceover Audio Demos

English 428kb Spanish 626kb
French 697kb Japanese 457kb
Italian 490kb Laughter 207kb

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