Haiti Trip 2012

History of UNOGA
The University of the Nouvelle Grand’Anse is located outside the city limits of Jérémie. It was founded as a technical school in 1996 and has educated and trained technicians in the field of agronomy and management. After the earthquake in the capital city of Port-au-Prince in January 2010, it was proposed that the program be upscaled to provide a university level curriculum for potential students in the region. Thus, it is now also home to the Institute of Modern Languages and Continuing Education Center for local farmer and community members.

“It was great having you at UNOGA to teach English. I know the situation was not easy, but you jumped right in and the students were happy with the way you taught. My sense is that you made a real contribution and I particularly appreciate how you rated all 101 of them, no small feat. I especially enjoyed your sense of humor and hope you had a good experience and will keep Haiti in your heart and mind as you continue your life in Milwaukee.”
Renate Schneider, Vice Rector (UNOGA University, Jérémie, Haiti) April 2012


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