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Living City Magazine

Nationwide readership. Magazine is headquartered and published in New York. Articles focus on international events, summits held to promote dialogue and international cooperation, ecumenism, and relations among world religions. Features appear regularly on the environment, status of children around the globe, family life and customs in different countries.

President of Haiti, Jean-Baptiste Aristide, in Tokyo, Japan 1996

Selected titles of articles contributed include:

  • "Follow-up to the Kyoto Conference" - 2/98 [Read excerpt]
  • "Securing the Future for our Children" - 3/97
  • "Formula for Hope - Launching of the Human
    Development Report" - 12/96
  • "Profile: Joseph Brodsky - A Poet for our Time" - 9/93 [Read excerpt]
  • "The Church and the Environment" - 7/93 [Read excerpt]
  • "The most experienced environmentalists" (International Year for World's Indigenous Peoples) - 6/93 [Read excerpt]

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