Freelance Writing & Editing

Japan Christian Activity News

Readership covered all of Japan. Articles focused on the life of the Christian church throughout the country as well as points of contrast and comparison with Japanese religions, spirituality and society. Freelance journalist/feature writer from Jan. '96 to June '99.

Traditional Japanese tea ceremony

Selected titles of articles contributed include:

  • "Japan's Revised Religious Corporations Law"- 1996 [Read excerpt]
  • "Ten Thousand Things that Breathe" - 1996
  • "Japan's Prisons" - 1997 [Read excerpt]
  • "Visits to a Detention Center and Prison" - 1997
  • "Japan's Homeless" - 1997
  • "World Youth Day in France August 1997"
  • "Interfaith Pilgrimage for Peace and Life 1995" [Read excerpt]

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